Louisville students troll Kentucky-loving dorm mate in most visible way possible

Be nice to those around you while you're on the way up, and they'll be nice to you when you're on the way down.

This photo, allegedly of a University of Louisville dorm, comes to us via Reddit. "So I go to University of Louisville and someone has had a University of Kentucky flag in their window all semester," wrote user ct81195. "This is satisfying."

Credit to that Kentucky fan for keeping his/her flag flying in the window even after Monday night's brutal loss, but even more credit to said fan's dorm-mates for laughing out loud, or the text equivalent, at Kentucky's fortunes. You just know that flag-flyer there was absolutely insufferable after Kentucky knocked off Louisville last weekend; this kind of revenge doesn't spring out of nowhere, after all.

Some Louisville fans have speculated that this is Unitas Tower. Seems reasonable enough to us. U of L students, feel free to weigh in. Kentucky fans ... you have our condolences.

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