Louisville's latest specially designed jerseys actually look nice

(via @adidasHoops)

Say this for the jerseys Adidas designs for Louisville: They're never dull.

The latest look the Cardinals will don is a Coast Guard-themed jersey designed specially for Friday's Armed Forces Classic matchup against Minnesota in Puerto Rico. They feature a white and grey camouflage print and red and light blue trim in an homage to the Coast Guard’s colors. Instead of a player's last name on the back, the jerseys feature the Coast Guard motto of “Semper Paratus” which translates to “Always Ready.”

While the sight of blue on a Louisville jersey is mildly unusual, these jerseys are a huge improvement over most of the others Adidas has designed for the Cardinals.

By far the biggest eyesore was the sleeved Zubaz-print look the Cardinals wore during the 2013 NCAA tournament on the way to the national championship. Then there was the iridescent infrared look Louisville sported the previous year as it advanced to the Final Four, a jersey I actually grew to like but most people seemed to despise. Then two months ago Adidas unveiled Louisville's new jerseys for the 2014-15 regular season featuring a thick stripe across the shorts, leading some to compare them to cheap board shorts and others to liken them to white pants with a red cumberbund. 

Considering what a mess those jerseys are, perhaps Louisville might opt to adopt the camouflage ones full time this season if the Cardinals start the season with a victory Friday night.

When the options are camo print or a cumberbund, the choice should be obvious. 

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