A lot of people picked a Louisville-Michigan final, but Wichita State-Syracuse? Yeah, not so much

Kevin Kaduk
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As we head into Final Four weekend, four possibilities remain for Monday's title game.

Of those, Louisville-Michigan is the matchup that was most often selected on Yahoo! Sports' Fantasy Tourney Pick'em. A lot of people also picked Louisville-Syracuse, which makes sense, given that the Cardinals entered the bracket as the top overall seed.

As for brackets that predicted No. 9-seed Wichita State to be playing in the tourney's final game? Well, there's not that many. In fact, there are less than 100 combined entries that predicted Wichita State would be playing either Michigan or Syracuse.

Here's the breakdown of all four possible Monday matchups:

1. Louisville-Michigan: 40,718 brackets (1.3 percent of 3 million+ entries)
2. Louisville-Syracuse: 31,046 brackets (1.0)
3. Wichita State-Michigan: 51 brackets (0.0016)
4. Wichita State-Syracuse: 39 brackets (0.0013)

Did you pick any of these matchups before the tourney started three weeks ago?

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