The loser in Greg McDermott to Creighton ... Northern Iowa?

Turns out Iowa State coach Greg McDermott bolting for Creighton on Monday isn't the win-win-win situation it first seemed to be.

Northern Iowa got clipped by some shrapnel from the move, likely losing its top recruit to a league rival in the process.

Versatile all-state forward Doug McDermott, who had originally signed with Northern Iowa in November, will now seek his release so he can instead join his father at Creighton next season. Northern Iowa athletic director Troy Dannen hasn't granted that release yet, but it would be hard to imagine him denying a son the right to play for his father.

"At the end of the day, the fact that we could all be together trumped the situation I have at Iowa State, even though I really loved it there," Greg McDermott told the Des Moines Register on Monday. "That, probably more than anything, is what tipped the scales for me to go ahead and commit to Creighton."

What makes the situation even more awkward for McDermott is that Northern Iowa coach Ben Jacobson is both a close friend and the man who succeeded him as head coach of the Panthers. McDermott called Jacobson Sunday to talk about the situation.

"I was hesitant to call him during this process, just because I was looking at a job that happened to be in his league," McDermott said. "But I finally called him (Sunday) night and asked him to take his coach hat off and put his friend hat on for a second and listen to what I had to say.

"He was great that way. We discussed Doug and he absolutely understood the opportunity for me to coach my son and for Doug to play for his dad."

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