Lorenzo Romar likes Duke, John Wooden and In-N-Out Burger

Washington coach Lorenzo Romar conducted a live online chat with Seattle Times readers on Thursday afternoon, answering fan questions about everything from his favorite burger joint to the coach he most admires to his NBA Finals prediction. Here's a sampling of Romar's most interesting responses:

NateC: Coach, what has been your fondest memory at UW thus far?

LR: There have been several. Winning the Pac-10 championship, when we found out we were a No. 1 seed in the 2005 NCAA Tournament, our first year making it to the tournament in '04, and, overall, watching our guys get noticed on a national level.

Sittingdawg: If it’s not UW, who’s your pick to win the NCAA title next year?

LR: Hard to argue against Duke.

Bobby Knight: Have you ever been intimidated to face a particular coach or team in your career?

LR: I grew up in Compton around the Crips. I haven't been intimidated yet. LOL

Benw: What are your rules about closing a game with a large lead and dunking?

LR: I have to confess that I was that guy when I was a player. Until Don Nelson, my coach for the Milwaukee Bucks, made me feel so bad about rubbing it in with a 20-point lead by showboating at the end that I don't want to come close to being involved in anything like that again. Obviously his message got across to me.

Jon: Which former UW player of yours would you say would make the best coach?

LR: Brandon Roy or Will Conroy

Sittingdawg: Which current NCAA head coach do you respect the most? Besides Calipari?

LR: LOL Tom Izzo

DawghUWse: Not that you condone it, but which current Husky is the best trash-talker on the court?

LR: You're right: I don't condone it. But I would have to go with Venoy, Isaiah being a close second. Even though you didn't ask, all-time biggest trash talker (on the down low) was Bobby Jones. A little known fact. LOL

godawgs9: I saw on his twitter you and (football coach Steve Sarkisian) occasionally hoop it up at lunch, does Sark have any game?

LR: Big-time game. He shoots it like (Ryan) Appleby!

UWFanForLife: What is your favorite bible verse & can you share how your faith carries you through the ups and downs of a season?

LR: Favorite Bible verse is Chronicles II 20:15. The Bible says whatever you do in word and deed do it all to the glory of God. If I am attempting to do that, then regardless of what happens, then I know that God is in total control and even if things don't look good, I know eventually things will work out. It may not be the way I think is the best but it will be God's best for me.

dln: What do you think it will take to get the Huskies past the Sweet 16?

LR: The right draw and stronger inside play

Jason: NBA Finals. What's your pick?

LR: Boston -- they're closer to playing like the did two years ago when they won it.

SneakyD: Which coach do you admire the most active or not?

LR: John Wooden

Guest: What is the funniest thing you've heard an opposing student section say?

LR: I was with a team that played at Duke. We had one player that was 5'10" and another that was 7'6". They were standing next to each other in warm ups and the student section was chanting and pointing: "You're too short, and you're too tall."

Mike: Coach, Dick's or in and out?

LR: Do you understand how good Dick's burgers are? You understand I do live in Seattle? With that being said, In 'n Out. Sorry.

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