Longtime Kentucky fan Drake finds his way into the Wildcat locker room

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Drake visits the Kentucky locker room.
Drake visits the Kentucky locker room.

It's an immutable certainty: if there's a sports celebration, Drake's going to show up.

The omnipresent rapper has already attached himself to LeBron James and Johnny Manziel, and now you can add the Kentucky Wildcats to that list. Like Drake himself, Kentucky started from an eighth seed and now they're here, and Drake was there to join in the celebration on Saturday night.

How long has Drake, who's from Toronto, been a fan of the Wildcats? Here was his answer to Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post:

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According to SB Nation, Drake said a few words to the team and took off, promising to return Monday night. "The way he talks is just, like, dang," Willie Cauley-Stein said. "He's really like this in real life. You think it's just a front in his songs, but he really talks like that in real life. He's just so smooth. You almost want to mirror yourself after it, it's so smooth. That's the way I feel."

Tempting as it might be to paint Drake as an opportunistic glory-hunter, the rapper does in fact have some connection with the Kentucky program, at least since John Calipari came along. Here's Drake coaching a Kentucky alumni game back in 2012; Coach Cal tells him "you're the best":

Drake said last year that Calipari attended his high school graduation, so the two appear to have some connection. Which is probably why he didn't get turned away from Kentucky's locker room, the way he did Miami's last year:

Still, let this be a lesson to you: next time your bowling team or softball squad wins a league trophy, keep your eyes open. Drake's probably going to be coming around looking to party soon enough.

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