Long Beach State's Dan Monson takes his turn in the bubble

Long Beach State's hilarious "No Sick Days" promotional video generated so much preseason buzz for the school's men's basketball program that the 49ers have released a follow-up effort.

In the first video, a couple of flu-ridden Long Beach State players practice in giant plastic bubbles in order to avoid infecting their teammates. In the sequel aptly titled "No Sick Days II," this time it's an ailing 49ers coach Dan Monson who must do his job from a bubble quarantine.

The latest video isn't quite as funny as the first one because it lacks the element of surprise and doesn't feature guard Larry Anderson's spot-on deadpan delivery, but it's nonetheless a solid effort.

And good for Monson for embracing the concept, drawing plays from inside the bubble and playfully shouting out instructions. In a sport when some coaches can often seem wooden and humorless, it's nice to see one let his guard down.

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