Let J.J. Redick help you pick the perfect NCAA bracket this year

The Dagger

Oh, J.J. Redick, how we have loathed you so for lo, these many years. Like your Blue Devil brethren Steve Wojciechowski, Christian Laettner, Greg Paulus, we have gritted our teeth at your every smug half-grin and floor-slapping flop. So it pains, physically pains, us to say that your new Funny or Die video about picking the NCAA tournament is ... well, it's all right.

J.J. Redick's Guide to the Perfect March Madness Bracket from Funny Or Die

Hey, it all seems like a flawless strategy to us. And admit it, you raised an eyebrow at his pick for champion.

Good on ya, J.J., for bringing a little humor to the table. Now, why's that ref over there calling a foul on me? All I did was click on your video! Come ON, ref! That was a totally legal play!

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