Lehigh seizes NCAA tournament momentum and asks alums for money

Graham Watson

Beating Duke in the NCAA tournament is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for a school like Lehigh, so the alumni association did its best to capitalize on the momentum by asking for money.

Before Sunday's second-round game against Xavier, Lehigh alums received an email asking them to "Keep Lehigh on top" and give a $10 gift to the university.

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The school even offers convenient text donations. All you have to do is text the word "LEHIGH" to a designated number and you are a true Lehigh fan. Of course, if you don't donate that means that you don't support the university, the basketball team and you hate underdogs in general.

Can't blame Lehigh for getting while the getting is good. Its fan base will probably never be as rabid as it is right now especially after the Mountain Hawks tournament run came to an end with a 70-58 loss to Xavier in the third round.

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H/T to Brandon Franz for the screeshot

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