The latest Jimmer tribute song features some notable cameos

In addition to being tops in the nation in scoring, Jimmer Fredette also is among college basketball's leaders in one other category: cheesy tribute videos.

The latest effort comes from a star-studded foursome calling themselves the "Jimmer Jammers" and featuring Arrow 103.5 morning DJ Jon Carter, former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards, ex-Cougars tight end Chad Lewis and former NBA center Shawn Bradley. They've released a song called "You've been Jimmer'd" sung to the tune of Bon Jovi's 1986 anthem, "Wanted Dead or Alive."

Most music videos celebrating an athlete or team are hopelessly awful, but this one has some surprisingly fun moments.

There's an off-key Lavell Edwards belting the chorus clad in a black cowboy hat and shades. There's Bradley and Lewis both strumming guitars while wearing ridiculous rockstar wigs. Plus the song's somewhat catchy, even if some of the lyrics would make the Black Eyed Peas cringe.

Case in point, the chorus, which goes: "He's a Cougar. And he's always a threat. He's Jimmer. Jimmer Fredette."

Nonetheless, the song is easily the best of the Jimmer genre besides the two heartfelt tributes created by the BYU star's older brother, rapper T.J. Fredette. With Selection Sunday still more than a month away, we'll see if any other creative BYU fans can top it.

(Thanks, College Basketball Nation)