Kyle Singler designs cover for book commemorating Duke's season

Like Brandy Chastain ripping off her jersey, Carl Edwards backflipping off the roof of his car or Ron Artest thanking his therapist, Duke's Kyle Singler has concocted his own signature way of commemorating a milestone victory.

Each time the Blue Devils win a big game, Singler creates an art project to symbolize the achievement.

One of Singler's latest creations is a digitalized illustration that will appear on the cover of the soon-to-be-released book "Worthy Champions," which chronicles Duke's national title-winning 2009-10 season. The centerpiece of the Duke senior's picture is the outline of a trophy with numerous, quotes, phrases and slogans from last season's Blue Devils written inside of it.

Singler's passion for art dates back to his childhood in Oregon, but the ability to mix traditional drawing with computer graphics at Duke has paved the way for his creative side to blossom. The visual arts major now uses art as his escape from basketball, painting or sketching for class or in his free time and even creating logo designs to help a friend who wants to launch a clothing company.

When Duke completed its home schedule with an undefeated record last season, Singler designed a T-shirt for his teammates in honor of the achievement. The shirt featured the phrase "17-0, Our House" set against the backdrop of a shield consisting of various images of Singler's Duke teammates in action.

It took Singler several months after this year's national title game to complete the image for the book cover. With the Blue Devils favored to repeat as champs, perhaps Singler should start considering ideas for next year's masterpiece.

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