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Kevin Kaduk
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Making jokes about Kevin Ware's gruesome leg injury last Sunday still falls under the "too soon" category. But writing Kevin Ware jokes for the Louisville forward to read on television? Well, his participation in the gallows humor makes it OK and it's exactly what David Letterman and his staff did for Thursday night's edition of the "Late Show" on CBS.

So how did Ware do in reading off the "top 10 things going through Kevin Ware's mind when he broke his leg?." Well, he still seems a bit shellshocked over all the attention his broken leg is garnering and his appearance via remote produced its usual bit of awkward delay moments with Dave. (That's something most of Dave's out-of-studio guests run into.)

But all in all, we think we did pretty well for a guy whose name was unknown to 99.9 percent of Americans one week ago. Maybe laughter really can be the best medicine.

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Here's the transcribed top 10, complete with a few good lines and the prerequisite stinkers.

10. “What was that loud cracking sound?”
9. “I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise”
8. “Hey look — my tibia!”
7. “OUCH”
6. “Did it go in?”
5. “Oh, boy . . . hospital food!”
4. “Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in”
3. “They fired Leno?”
2. “Heat, then ice or ice, then heat?”
1. “At least my bracket’s not busted.”

Do you have a line of your own? Try it out in the comments below.

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