Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins laughs off racist messages

As the numerous "We love our Cousins" signs at Saturday's College GameDay broadcast from Rupp Arena can attest, Kentucky fans have grown quite fond of freshman DeMarcus Cousins in his few months in Lexington.

The warm feelings, however, don't seem to extend to the rest of the SEC.

Cousins told reporters on Monday that he has already received more than 100 crank calls and 1,000 texts from Mississippi State fans who somehow obtained his number in advance of Tuesday night's tilt between the Bulldogs and Wildcats.

Some of the calls were of a non-threatening, humorous nature. Others came from mental giants who couldn't resist cursing and dropping the N-word and other racial epithets.

"It kind of made me mad at the beginning, but now I'm answering the phone holding a conversation," Cousins said, chuckling.

If you're wondering, Cousins said his cell phone plan includes unlimited texts, so the Bulldog fans aren't costing him any cash. And yes, he is going to change his phone number – just not right away.

"I'm going to change it after the game," he said, drawing a big laugh from the reporters on hand. "I want to see what they have to say."

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