Kentucky reserves celebrate championship by making a rap video

Here's a pretty good reason to root against a Kentucky repeat next season: Fear of a sequel to the song below.

Reserves Kyle Wiltjer and Jarrod Polson celebrated the Wildcats' victory over Kansas in the national championship game last Monday night by returning to Lexington and making a rap video celebrating the team's accomplishment. The duo, which calls itself the "White Boy Academy," named the song "Final Four Winners."

The sight of Wiltjer and Polson jersey popping while decked out in national championship caps and Final Four beads is pretty hilarious, but the Auto-Tune-heavy lyrics often aren't exactly a masterpiece.

The highlight is the first verse of the chorus:  "If you looking for us, we'll be back in Lex. Chilling with the fellas, getting 'gratulation texts." The lowlight, however, comes soon after: "Everybody knows we on top. Yeah, we grindin' nonstop, Big Blue Nation don't stop."

Come on, fellas. You're better than rhyming "nonstop" and "stop."

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All in all, "Final Four Winners" fits squarely in the middle of the college basketball rap anthem trend that has emerged the past year or two. It's not as good as the endlessly entertaining "This is Indiana," but it's also not as painful as "We Are Mizzou."

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