Kentucky’s James Young scores on his own basket in the most unlikely fashion

One of the pleasant surprises of the preseason for Kentucky has been the outside shooting prowess of highly touted freshman James Young.

The top-ranked Wildcats would probably prefer, however, if the 6-foot-6 wing would take aim at the proper hoop.

Racing to save a loose ball headed for the first row of seats during Monday's exhibition victory over Division II Montevallo, Young flung the ball behind his back and up in the air as he fell out of bounds. Against all odds, the one-handed no-look heave fell into Kentucky's own basket, giving Montevallo the most improbable bucket it will score all season.

Why was Young's ill-fated save only worth two points to Montevallo even though the shot originated well behind the arc? Montevallo coach Danny Young wondered that very thing after the game, but the referees got the call right.

According to one of the most obscure rules in the NCAA basketball rulebook, "When a player scores a field goal in the opponent’s basket, it shall count as two points for the opponent regardless of the location on the playing court from where it was released."

Young finished as Kentucky's second-leading scorer behind fellow freshman Julius Randle, tallying 16 points and five rebounds. Imagine how many more points Young might have finished with if he had just attempted all his shots no-look and behind his back.

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Jeff Eisenberg

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