Kentucky drew the most fans last season, but who had the least?

Kentucky, Syracuse and Louisville led college basketball in attendance per game last season, but the real story of the figures the NCAA released on Wednesday was at the other end of the spectrum.

How did Nicholls State only average a Division I-worst 328 fans per home game last season?

Granted Nicholls State finished 11-19 and its home schedule wasn't exactly riddled with marquee opponents, but I'm fairly certain more than 328 people showed up to watch my fourth-grade class' performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Plus, at the risk of offending residents of Thibadeaux, Louisiana, is there really so much going on in town that you all couldn't spare a night to support the hometown team once in a while?

Here's a look at some other attendance figures that stood out from the NCAA's report:

Highest per-game attendance: 1. Kentucky (24,111), 2. Syracuse (22,152), 3. Louisville (19,397)

Lowest per-game attedance: 1. Nicholls State (328), 2. New Jersey Institute of Technology (422), 3. New Orleans (477)

Highest per-game attendance among non-BCS schools: 1. Memphis (16,498), 2. Creighton (14,495), 3. BYU (14,029)

Lowest per-game attendance among BCS-conference schools: 1. Miami (4,713), 2. South Florida (4,884), 3. USC (5,016)

Largest average attendance increase per year: 1. Kansas State (+2,943), 2. Arkansas Pine Bluff (+2,019), 3. Hampton (+1,914)

Best average attendance per conference: 1. Big Ten (12,591), 2. Southeastern (11,770), 3. Big 12 (11,214)

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