Kansas was selling its national championship T-shirt hours before the title game

"Congratulations to Kansas, the 2012 men's basketball national champions," is what the school's official website would have said today if official websites could talk.

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A T-shirt proclaiming the Jayhawks as national champs was briefly put up for sale on KUstore.com on Monday afternoon, hours before the team's title-game clash with the Kentucky Wildcats. According to CBS St. Louis, the shirt was selling for $19.99 before it was taken down.

This sort of stuff happens all too often before big games. The New York Giants website prematurely declared the team Super Bowl champions in February and the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an advertisement congratulating the team on a 2009 World Series win that never came. Mistakes are understandable. That this specific mistake gets made so often is a bit curious.

Both Kansas and Kentucky should have pre-made pages celebrating their respective national championships. That's just good business sense. Fans will flood to those websites in the minutes after the game looking for as much title swag as they can purchase. The ability to put those items up for sale instantly is a financial imperative.

But why/how does someone keep hitting publish on these ready-to-go pages? Every news organization has pre-written obituaries and video montages for major or at-risk celebrities but you don't hear about Betty White dying twice a year.

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