Kansas coach Bill Self’s playful one-liner at Elijah Johnson’s expense

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of a senior class that won four straight Big 12 titles, Kansas coach Bill Self unleashed a playful one-liner at the expense of one his players during Monday night's team banquet.

Self was reliving senior Elijah Johnson's 39-point outburst in a late February victory at Iowa State when the subject turned to the point guard's game-ending fast-break dunk after the outcome had already been determined. Johnson apologized for the needless showboating after the game, but the dunk enraged Iowa State fans so much that one of them went so far as to confront Self on his way off the floor.

Quipped Self on Monday night, "Talk about Elijah's 39 points, which I think is great, Elijah, but your last two almost got my ass whipped after the game was over."

Funny stuff. And a wise choice by Self not to make a joke of Johnson's struggles in the Jayhawks' season-ending loss to Michigan in the Sweet 16. It's probably still too soon for that.

(Thanks, Andy Glockner)

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