Kansas City radio host wants Knight, Musburger off the air

You've probably seen the fire-my-coach.com sites that pop up every time a frustrated fan with a laptop and a credit card becomes convinced his favorite team needs a change in leadership?

Well, it turns out broadcast crews are now no longer safe from such online vitriol.

A sports radio host in Kansas City has launched ByeByeBrentandBob.com, a grassroots online campaign aimed at removing Brent Musburger and Bob Knight as announcers for Big 12 basketball telecasts on ESPN. You can go there and sign the online petition that will be presented to Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe in person at next month's conference tournament in Kansas City.

While personally I'd prefer a petition to get Dick Vitale to stop screaming or Jim Nantz to stop scripting his cheesy game-ending calls during the national title game, I can understand the sentiment behind this cause as well.

Musburger I enjoy with Kirk Herbstreit on football telecasts. Knight I think is well-suited to a studio role. But when you put them together on a basketball broadcast, confusion, mispronunciation of names and strange tangents about pheasant hunting tend to ensue.

Knight knows more about basketball than 99.9 percent of us ever will, but his lack of preparation for games suggests that he doesn't take his analyst gig all that seriously.

And, yes, he's obviously more than earned the right to speak his mind, but how awkward was it listening to him repeatedly rail on Sherron Collins during Monday night's Kansas-Texas A&M game? Collins admittedly had an awful first half, but to repeatedly call for Bill Self to bench his senior leader, best player and most clutch scorer in a tight road game would be the equivalent of an NFL analyst demanding the Colts replace Peyton Manning after two first-half picks.

It was bad enough that Self was asked about Knight's comments on his weekly radio show.

"I don't believe in showing guys you don't have faith in them when things are not going well when they've delivered over and over for you," Self said. "I'd never do that. That wouldn't be good for our team at all."

The one thing you can be certain of is that this petition won't have any impact how Knight does his job. For better or worse, he's going to be himself – aloof, outspoken and polarizing, but controversial enough to often be highly entertaining.

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