Jon Scheyer shouldn't celebrate and tweet at the same time

If Jon Scheyer received a few more congratulatory calls and texts than he wanted after Monday night's national title game, the Duke senior doesn't have anyone to blame besides himself.

An apparently too-elated-to-concentrate Scheyer tweeted his cell phone number within an hour after the final buzzer on Monday night, urging fans to "Hollerrrrr at me!!!" Not surprisingly, a few too many of them did, prompting this futile follow-up tweet from Scheyer only 24 minutes later.

"Ok my fault... Holler at me over twitter... Stop texting that number pleaseeee"

Calls to the number Scheyer listed result in a message that the voice mailbox is full, but they do not confirm that the number belongs to the Duke star. If it's truly Scheyer's and not him playing a joke, the only way his phone's going to stop ringing is if he gets a new number.

Scheyer did receive one piece of good news following the game: He'll be the cover photo for this week's Sports Illustrated.

If you'd like to congratulate him, well, you know how to reach him.

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