John Calipari's appearance on 'The Colbert Report' featured some funny moments

From the Bill O'Reilly show, to CBS This Morning, John Calipari's promotional tour in support of his new book has led to appearances on TV shows that typically don't interview college basketball coaches.

That continued Wednesday night when the Kentucky coach made a memorable appearance on Comedy Central's, 'The Colbert Report.'

Among the topics host Stephen Colbert discusses with Calipari are whether the NBA should require players to spend two years in college before turning pro, whether colleges should pay athletes a stipend or not and the NCAA's infamous 'bagel spread rule.' They also have the following amusing exchange when Colbert asks about Kentucky's reputation for sending players to the NBA after just one season in college.

Colbert: "You've been criticized for having a lot of one-and-done guys on your team. What does that mean, one-and-done? And can that be cured with viagara?"

Calipari: "I don't like the connotation of one-and-done. I like succeed and proceed."

Colbert: "It also rhymes, so it must be true."

If the NBA does ever pass a rule requiring players to stay in college two years before turning pro, Colbert's suggestion for a new name is "Two and toodaloo." Catchy, but "two and through" has a better chance of sticking. 

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