Jimmer Fredette’s awesome Sports Illustrated cover

Jimmer-mania hits the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. I tried coming up with a different word than "awesome" in the headline, to no avail. Sometimes "awesome" describes it perfectly.

The photograph on the cover above, featuring BYU guard and national player of the year favorite Jimmer Fredette, was taken by SI's Robert Beck during BYU's third-round win over Gonzaga. A few observations:

1. Rotate the position of the camera a bit and the Jimmer cover is almost identical to the one featuring Kansas State's Rolando Blackman from 29 years ago this week. Note the similar lift, spot on the court and positioning of the ball.

2. Gonzaga's Demetri Goodson (No. 3) looks like he just took an uppercut courtesy Rocky Marciano.

3. Mark Few, hands on hips, visible between Goodson's legs.

4. BYU's Stephen Rogers is in the background (in right about Seth Davis' name) waving his arms in an unmistakable "I'm open! I'm open!" fashion. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.

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