Jalen Rose sings Illinois to sleep on live TV

Instead of merely noting on air Thursday night that Michigan's nine-point lead with 42 seconds remaining was likely insurmountable, ESPN analyst Jalen Rose found a more memorable way to illustrate that Illinois' hopes of a comeback were dead.

The former Michigan star broke into song, crooning the chorus to The Spaniels' 1954 ballad, "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight."

The song was a fitting choice not just because the outcome of Thursday's game was no longer in doubt. The 72-61 home loss to the Wolverines dropped Illinois to 6-11 in Big Ten play, eradicating any hope of a late push for an at-large bid and likely ensuring coach Bruce Weber will be fired once the season ends.

Oddly enough, Rose's game-ending lullaby wasn't the only time he went a cappella to make a point. When hard-working Michigan guard Zack Novak drew a charge earlier in the game, Rose referenced a Rick Ross song when he sang, "Every play he's hustlin.'"

Rose's irreverence on the broadcast was a polarizing topic for both Michigan and Illinois TV viewers, some of whom enjoyed his style and others of whom wished he'd tone it down a notch or two.

Put me in the camp who enjoys listening to Rose. While he's probably more comfortable in a studio analyst role right now rather than as a color commentator, his blend of insight and entertainment value typically spices up a broadcast.

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