Indiana’s win over Kentucky inspires awkward on-air slip-up

Anybody who has delivered a speech, interviewed for a job or gone on a first date has likely endured the following scenario at some point in their lives.

You become a little tongue-tied, you accidentally blurt out something inappropriate and you have a split second to decide whether to stammer out an apology or keep talking as if nothing happened.

Ashton Altieri, a meteorologist at 9NEWS in Denver, experienced one of those slip-ups on live TV on Sunday. In a moment that surely will live on in YouTube infamy, Altieri tried to congratulate sports guru Aaron Matas on Indiana's victory over top-ranked Kentucky the previous day, but the words came out all wrong.

"Congratulations on your big hooters .... uh ... Hoosiers win," he said. "Wow, that was a slip of the tongue."

Indeed, it was such a funny mistake that each of the newscasters in the studio immediately began laughing uncontrollably and one of them noted that the clip was destined for YouTube. Once anchor Corey Rose recovered, she jokes, "I feel like my face is totally red now."

Credit Altieri for being such a good sport about it, though his excuse for his slip-up is a little flimsy

"It's chilly out here, it's hard to talk sometimes," he said.

(Thanks, Kentucky Sports Radio)

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