How a Wisconsin player managed to snap selfies with all four Final Four coaches

Jeff Eisenberg

ARLINGTON, Texas. — Forty minutes into the Wisconsin basketball team's mandatory one-hour appearance at a Final Four fan fest on Thursday afternoon, senior forward Zach Bohannon shared a crazy idea with video coordinator A.J. Van Handel.

"All four of the head coaches are here," Bohannon told Van Handel. "That would be awesome to get a selfie with each one of them." 

Responded Van Handel, "There's your challenge. I dare you to get all four."

Bohannon couldn't back down from a dare — especially one that was his idea in the first place — so he summoned his courage and tried to figure out how to make it happen.

He started by approaching Kevin Ollie because the UConn coach was the closest to him. When Ollie kindly agreed to a photo, that gave Bohannon the confidence to pursue the other coaches.

Kentucky coach John Calipari agreed, though he was puzzled at being approached by a member of the team the Wildcats will face on Saturday. Florida coach Billy Donovan also smiled for a photo after quipping, "As long as you don't use it as a dartboard."

"Ironically the one I felt the most nervous to get was our own coach, Coach Ryan," Bohannon said. "I told him, 'Hey coach, I've got selfies with all three of these coaches. Can I get one with you as well?' He was like, 'I don't know,' but he agreed after a while."   

If snapping selfies with four Final Four coaches in 20 minutes seems like quite a feat, consider what else Bohannon has accomplished during his time in Madison. 

Bohannon, an aspiring politician with dreams of someday running for president, launched a one-man Twitter campaign in Oct. 2012 to try to get President Obama to play a pick-up game with the Badgers during a visit to Madison. With the help of former teammate George Marshall, Bohannon succeeded in getting the team a five-minute private meeting with Obama prior to his speech.

Remarkably, none of the four Final Four coaches were even the most famous man to snap a photo with Bohannon on Thursday. He also got a selfie with former president George W. Bush at the fan fest. 

CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz was aware of Bohannon's political aspirations, so after introducing Bush, Nantz also invited the star-struck Wisconsin forward on stage. At the urging of his teammates, Bohannon asked the former president if he'd be willing to pose for a photo too.  

"It was just an unbelievable experience," Bohannon said. "I think I got a good laugh out of the whole crowd. So that was what was most memorable, that we were able to share a laugh on stage."

Now that Bohannon's selfie collection includes four Final Four coaches and an ex-president, who's his next target?

"The ultimate selfie would probably be one with multiple presidents," Bohannon said.

Sounds ambitious, but given Bohannon's day on Thursday, who would bet against him?

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