Hot rumor to start your week: Pitt jumping to the Big Ten

(UPDATE: Adam Zagoria has gotten Pittsburgh Mike Gladysz to go on the record and say the report below is "100 percent" untrue.)

First it was on the messageboards, then it moved to Twitter, so, naturally, the place it lands next? Right here at The Dagger.

A guy by the name of Ben Maller (follow him on Twitter here, but be warned: He updates like a mofo), who works with Fox Sports Radio, is claiming to have sources saying the move is done. Pittsburgh is going to bail on the Big East and head for the oasis that is the Big Ten.

He's also saying we should expect to hear something official by Thursday. Hell, even the players were informed of this already.

University of Pittsburgh athletics are moving to the Big 10 conference, according to sources close to the school.

Some athletes were informed of the move over the weekend, a little birdie tells me. This move sets up the natural rivalry with Penn State who joined the conference in 1990. It also gives the Big 10 another east coast presence.

Pitt will become the 12th school in the Big 10, with an official announcement expected by Thursday. This means you'll be seeing a Big 10 football title game.

Yes! That Pitt-Penn State rivalry we've all been craving for so long finally gets its reunion! And Pittsburgh isn't exactly East Coast; it's eight hours west of New York City.

What else doesn't make sense about this? The Big Ten announced it was going to take 12 to 18 months to examine everything involved with expanding the conference by one. That was in mid-December. If there's one thing the prestigious conference from the Midwest isn't known for, it's speed.

Pitt Associate Athletic Director E.J. Borghetti came out of hiding on Twitter to say the following:

Frank Cignetti: “I am wholeheartedly committed to being at Pitt and continuing to establish our program among the nation’s very best.”

Now hear this: rumors on Internet message boards should be read for amusement purposes only, and not consumed as responsible journalism.

Hmm. Now that puzzles me. Why not deny it outright, E.J.? That's some serious fan-flaming right there. No word from any Big Ten official yet, and I wouldn't expect one today.

And just so we're clear: The Big Ten is four times the football conference the Big East is. That's what's driving this. If Pitt really wants to hopscotch on over, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

This is all just hot gossip on a Monday morning, but it doesn't sound that crazy. The way talks about the move supposedly accelerated is the only thing that is head-scratching.

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