Heartbroken little boy cries after Michigan State's last home game

At a time when most Michigan State fans are frustrated with their underachieving team, one devoted young Spartans diehard isn't ready to see his favorite seniors graduate.

The video below shows a 5-year-old boy heartbroken after coming home Wednesday night from the last Michigan State home game of the season, an 85-66 thrashing of woeful Iowa. Asked by his mother why he's crying, the boy responds that he's sad he won't get to see his "favorite friends" play on their home court again.

"I never get to see [Kalin] Lucas shoot threes and [Durrell] Summers shoot threes and Draymond Green dunk," he said, choking back tears and perhaps forgetting that Green is actually a junior this year.

The video is reminiscent of the 3-year-old who became a YouTube sensation last month after he burst into tears when his mother told him infielder Michael Young wasn't going to be a Texas Ranger anymore. Parents sticking video cameras in front of their crying toddlers is probably not a healthy trend, but for now it makes for heartwarming videos for the rest of us.

The good news for this young Michigan State fan is he'll still get to watch his favorite team on TV a few more times this season. Of course, the Spartans are no lock for the NCAA tournament at 17-12 and if Michigan State doesn't hear its name called on Selection Sunday, we can only imagine how traumatic a moment it would be for the 5-year-old.

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