Right-handed Indiana guard Jordan Hulls sinks a lefty three

Indiana scored so easily in its 107-50 thrashing of hapless Howard on Monday night that guard Jordan Hulls decided to make it more challenging for himself.

With Indiana comfortably ahead 47-15 late in the first half and the shot clock about to expire, Hulls dribbled left to create space and then hoisted up an unorthodox running three with his off hand. Improbably, the left-handed shot found all net, inspiring a muted half smirk from Hulls, a roar from the Assembly Hall crowd and peals of laughter on the Indiana bench.

Seeing Hulls shoot with his left hand was probably a surprise to most Indiana fans, but his teammates weren't shocked to see him make it.

"We'll be shooting around in practice and he'll do stuff like that," guard Verdell Jones told the Fort Wayne News Sentinel. "We're like, 'What are you doing?' What you didn't know was that he was practicing for games like this."

How did Indiana coach Tom Crean feel about Hulls' unusual three? Well, he echoed the thoughts of his point guard.

"We see him do that a lot when he warms up and just shooting before or after practice," Crean said. "He's very gifted with both hands. I don't think he would have taken it that way if he didn't feel he could make it."

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