The Gus Johnson Soundboard, the answer to all life's problems

Maybe the only flaw in an otherwise electric first weekend of the NCAA tournament was that ever-excitable play-by-play man Gus Johnson was stuck in Buffalo, the one site that lacked any real drama.

For those who agree his trademark enthusiasm was wasted on Syracuse-Vermont or West Virginia-Morgan State, take heart. Behold the Gus Johnson soundboard, a site that provides us a way to incorpate Gus' over-the-top calls into all aspects of our life.

A messy break-up with your girlfriend? "Heartbreak City!" Come up with a snappy one-liner? "What a comeback!" That boss you don't like is approaching your cubicle? "Here comes the pain!"

Even if you just string a few of Gus' catch phrases together, you may end up blowing an entire afternoon in front of your laptop.

My personal favorite so far is "My name is" "Gus Johnson" "And I Get Buckets" "Bam," but "Gus Johnson" "To the Basket" "Here comes the Pain" is a close second.

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