Gus Johnson was the best thing about Thursday night

For those of you who aren't on Twitter, a brief explanation. (And for those who are, just skip on down.) See, when certain words or phrases are typed into Twitter on a massive scale, they become "trending topics." They are an indication of what the nation is thinking about. It is the Web's pulse in any given minute or hour. When you've gone popular on Twitter, that's power. Well, who topped the trending topics in all of the Twitterverse last night? That's right, our favorite March man, Gus.

And if you look at the screen grab from my computer, four of the 10 topics were related to the Kansas State-Xavier game.

No man is as powerful or as infectious behind the microphone than Gus. (If you'd like to hear yours truly interview him, click here.) After getting duds in the first two rounds in Buffalo last weekend, the Voice of March Madness was treated to Butler upsetting Syracuse and then got the game of the tournament so far in Kansas State's double-overtime win against stubborn, upset-minded, hit-almost-every-big-shot-it-took Xavier.

An incredible game. How many big shots did X make? We counted six, if you include the three super-clutch free throws by Terrell Holloway that got the game to OT. We'll lose plenty of sleep, but Gus Johnson's energy is like that of the sun: it permeates around the globe and sustains and supports life. Best Gus joke from last night: his sweat is what's bottled in 5-hour Energy drinks.

We could pick out seven or eight moments from last night, but here was Gus' call after Jordan Crawford's ridiculous, necessary (K-State would have fouled him if one more second expired on the clock) deep 3-pointer that gave us another OT.

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