A gift idea for Kentucky fans: the John Wall windshield wiper

If there's any doubt why Kentucky basketball fans have the reputation for being some of the most passionate in all of sports, one glance at this video should provide all the persuasion you need.

Kentucky resident Andrew Sommer has mounted a fiberglass replica of John Wall's arm dunking a ball on the back windshield wiper of his van in hopes of drawing attention to the small business he runs making hand-painted fiberglass signs and decorations. Sommer said he drew plenty of honks and stares as he drove through Lexington last week with the wiper blade going back and forth, the windows down and the "John Wall Song" blaring from his speakers.

"We just wanted to deck our car out to advertise our company and support UK," Sommer said. "We wanted to draw attention to ourselves, and it worked pretty well. We've had a lot of people recording video of it."

Whether it's a fiberglass axe chopping a hand at Halloween time or some other Holiday-themed novelty decoration, Sommer always puts an attention-grabbing item on his van pegged to whatever season it is. He and his father-in-law brainstormed ideas for what they could do during Kentucky basketball season, and the John Wall arm was the idea they liked best.

The windshield wiper has served its purpose in terms of advertising, but it hasn't sold like Sommer had hoped.

"Everbody liked it, but it's pretty tough to sell stuff like that in this economy," Sommer said.

Thanks, SB Nation