Georgia's Travis Leslie tip-dunks his own missed 3-pointer

Boxing out the shooter isn't typically that important when he's taking a 3-pointer, but Georgia's Travis Leslie has a habit of defying conventional rules.

When the right-wing three Leslie attempted in the second half against Tennessee felt long out of his hands, the springy Georgia guard instinctually headed straight toward the rim to follow his own shot. Leslie encountered so little resistance from the Vols that he was able to catch his own miss in midair and flush it home for a two-handed tip dunk.

Whether it's this memorable transition slam on DeMarcus Cousins last season or this nasty windmill dunk from earlier this season against Notre Dame, Leslie has earned a reputation as one of college basketball's must-see dunkers. The dunk itself wasn't one of Leslie's best on Tuesday night, but the degree of difficulty on the entire sequence as a whole was impressive to say the least.

Leslie's effort was enough to capture the attention of one of his SEC peers at the very least. Wrote Florida forward Chandler Parsons on Twitter, "My boy Travis Leslie really just dunked tipped his own three. Dude is a freak."

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