Georgetown women’s player tries to block a shot by throwing her shoe at it

A freshman forward on the Georgetown women's basketball team found a creative way to attempt to block a shot during the Hoyas' season-opening victory over Richmond a few days ago.

Shayla Cooper threw her shoe at it.

When Cooper lost her footing and and lost her left shoe in the process, it allowed the Richmond player she was guarding to float behind the arc and spot up for a wide-open right-wing 3-pointer. Cooper had no chance of getting out to contest the shot, so she instead flung the shoe up in the air in an unsuccessful attempt to knock the ball down as it sailed toward the hoop.

Incredibly, referees did not spot Cooper's ploy, which is fortunate for Georgetown since she probably would have been assessed a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct had she been caught. Nonetheless, the play will be part of blooper reels for a while as it made SportsCenter's 'Not Top 10' segment and will surely spread on social media.

Cooper had an otherwise brilliant debut in the Hoyas' 82-78 win. The 6-foot-2 Georgia native had 17 points, seven rebounds and five assists in her first college game.

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Jeff Eisenberg

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