Georgetown’s soccer-style Catholic 7 banner was extremely well done

Since Georgetown plays its home games in a cavernous NBA arena about four miles from its campus, the Hoyas don't have the same kind of raucous home atmosphere some of their chief rivals do.

Changing that won't be easy, but an alumni

organization dedicated to creating a European soccer-style supporters group for Georgetown basketball is hoping to take on that challenge.

The group, known as the Stonewalls, has created soccer-style scarves for members to wear and has also unveiled a pair of memorable banners at recent Georgetown home games.

The first one was a jab at Big East deserter Pittsburgh at a game last month that read, "Traitors and Liars will not be missed." The second was a massive 25-by-20-foot tifo at Monday night's Marquette game celebrating the future of the Big East breakaway schools known as the Catholic Seven.

"The tifo echoes Georgetown coach John Thompson III’s sentiments that while the schools forming this new league each value their Catholic identity, it is their long tradition of and commitment to basketball that will bond them together," reads an explanation on the website of the Stonewalls. "The Stonewalls support these schools’ trailblazing move and want to demonstrate to the sports world that fans of the “Basketball 7″ are passionate and excited for this new venture."

Hopefully this is just a preview of what's to come from the Stonewalls because the idea of banners like this at every Georgetown home game has a lot of potential.

Roll-outs at Big Five games between Philadelphia rivals are one of college basketball's most fun traditions. This be Georgetown's soccer-style answer to that.

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