Fresno State, Nevada hop from WAC to MWC

After what happened in June with Texas, this is all whizzing by at Mach 3 speeds, frankly.

It took 24 hours for rumors to surface, schools to make official announcements and conferences to completely change their complexities.

BYU started it all (and is still not officially packed up and gone from the MWC), then Fresno State and Nevada immediately followed. Credit to the Mountain West, which wasted no time in trying to replace the Cougars by adding to the two schools, officially, Wednesday night.

"Fresno State is honored to accept the invitation to join the Mountain West Conference," said Fresno State President John Welty. "We look forward to competition against some universities we have not faced previously and to renewing rivalries with San Diego State, Colorado State and several other schools that we enjoyed previously."

"We have had a great experience in the WAC. We have appreciated the strong competition and the wonderful colleagues" said Nevada President Milt Glick. "The offer to join the Mountain West Conference is an opportunity we cannot turn down. The Mountain West is a strong conference and this will enhance our natural rivalry with UNLV and continue our rivalry with Boise State. We believe joining this conference is in the best, long-term interests of our fans and program, and also view this invitation as acknowledgement of our work to build a strong, competitive program."

And as quickly as people talked about the MWC dissolving short in time due to BYU bolting, the conference turned the tables on the WAC, which is now in some dire straits. When Boise State leaves the conference, it will have a mere six teams left. Yeesh.

Wednesday at this time, people were discussing how the Mountain West was getting what it deserved. How, those secret meetings in airport hotels 12 years ago led to the WAC's destruction and how karma was coming back around the other way.

But it looks like another roundhouse was just delivered to the Western Athletic Conference. Funny how we thought Texas was going to do the most damage to the college-conference landscape. Looks like BYU has created a domino effect that could extend into massive conference realignment. Teams could be plucked from Conference USA and the Atlantic 10, and other smaller conferences, if things really start to roll downhill.