Fred Hoiberg dances after Iowa State win and later apologizes to daughter for it

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg did a little dancing after the Cyclones defeated North Carolina in the third round of the NCAA tournament on Sunday.

Ordinarily this would be nothing to worry about for most coaches who just watched their team advance to the Sweet 16 for the first time on their watch. But Hoiberg has a daughter at home who is Internet and social media savvy with friends who are, too, and he worried she might be all like, 'OMG dad, you're embarrassing me.'

Turns out, Paige Hoiberg couldn't care less that her dad was seen dancing on the Internet because his team is still dancing.

Video of Hoilberg dancing immediately went viral (see below). Here is a look at a text message exchange with her father that Paige Hoiberg shared on her Twitter account.

Iowa State will play UConn next week in the East region semifinal.