Five-year-old girl cries because Tweety Carter's done at Baylor

Unless you grew up a Boston Celtics fan in the '60s or a UCLA basketball fan in the '70s, you probably experienced a crushing loss that hit you hard as a kid.

Still, were any of us quite as heartbroken as this 5-year-old Baylor fan after senior guard Tweety Carter's college career ended in a loss against Duke in the Regional Finals last Sunday night?

The only information we have on the identity of Baylor's youngest super fan is what her parents posted accompanying the YouTube clip:

This afternoon we heard our just-turned-five year old daughter wailing and screaming upstairs and ran up to find out what happened. She was clutching Tweety Carter's senior pic and saying, "I don't want him to graduate!!" It was so ridiculous I grabbed the camera. The crying continued for a few minutes after I turned the camera off. There were similar antics last year when Tweety cut his braids off.

Too funny. Not since the greatest play-by-play call in the history of high school football has anyone in Texas been this upset over a loss.

Thanks, Deadspin

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