FIU’s new court designs will blow your mind

The NCAA mandates that basketball courts must be 94 feet long and 50 feet wide, with a basket on each end. However, the NCAA says nothing about what can be ON the court, and schools are starting to take notice, or take cues from Boise State. Behold one proposed look for Florida International University's home court, as provided by head coach Richard Pitino on Twitter.

Sure, it looks like the panther is climbing out of a hole in the sand (or, considering the state, falling into a sinkhole), but so what? We love it. And we like even more this other concept drawing:

(The wavy lines are presumably from the photo itself, though variable in-bounds lines would provide an extra challenge.)

You know where this is going. Based on what's happened with uniforms this season, we're only a few years away from touchscreen playing surfaces that move as the players do. But so what? If the game being played is too ugly, the arena can just show a better one on the floor.

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