A few topics were too taboo for Baylor coach Scott Drew's roast

Scott Drew is accustomed to scathing criticism from impatient fans or opposing coaches, but some of the Baylor basketball coach's closest friends were the ones who put him on blast on Tuesday night.

The 39-year-old coach with choir boy looks and an affable personality was the guest of honor at a celebrity roast benefiting the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. A crowd of 200 delighted in watching Drew wince, squirm and occasionally even laugh as four colleagues razzed him about his famously mild-mannered disposition, his attractive wife and his role in the Big 12's near-breakup.

Here are some of the highlights courtesy of the Waco Tribune:

• From former Baylor basketball coach Jim Haller: "Scott was filling out a questionnaire, and under the 'sex' category, he wrote, 'One time in Indianapolis.'" Haller also blamed Drew for the Big 12 nearly disbanding: "Scott, you open conference play by beating Oklahoma by 31 points, and all of the sudden they're talking about leaving the Big 12. And you beat Texas all three times you play them, and then they want to leave, too."

• From Big 12 associate commissioner John Underwood: "I've never done a roast before. I called one coach to get some advice, and he asked, 'Who are you roasting?' I said, 'Scott Drew.' And he said, 'He's such a kid!' He's right, too. No one can shoot Bambi."

• Former Houston Rockets executive Carroll Dawson also praised Drew's recruiting ability. "I knew Scott could recruit just by looking at him," said Dawson, himself a former Baylor basketball player and coach. "If he could get (his wife Kelly) to marry him, I knew he could get players to Baylor." '

It's a decent effort complete with a couple of good one-liners, but there apparently were a few subjects too taboo to be brought up.

No mention of the negative recruiting tactics that have alienating Drew from his peers at fellow Texas schools in the Big 12? Or the hire of John Wall's AAU coach and mentor Dwon Clifton to a newly created position before Wall's senior year of high school?

You can bet there are a handful of Big 12 coaches who would have liked a chance to speak at the roast. And you can bet things would have gotten a whole lot more feisty if they had gotten the chance.

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