Facebook Fun: UNLV alumni are tops at picking the results of NCAA tournament games (Duh)

Kevin Kaduk
The Dagger: College Basketball Blog

In news that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, UNLV alumni are tops when it comes to picking the results of NCAA tournament games. That's according to our friends at Facebook, who sliced and diced their bracket data and found that schooling in Sin City definitely has its post-graduation benefits. Facebook users who identify themselves as UNLV alums have picked 62 percent of all tournament games in 2013 correctly.

Well, that certainly won't help any of those former Rebels convince their parents they stayed away from the sportsbook while in school. Here are the most five successful alumni bases when it comes to prognostication:

1. UNLV — 62 percent
2. Missouri — 61.3 percent
3. Michigan — 61.2 percent
4. Albany — 61.2 percent
5. Arizona —60.6 percent

And here are the leaders among people who have identified themselves as fans of tourney schools:

1. San Diego State — 61.0 percent
2. La Salle — 60.6 percent
3. Saint Mary's — 60.6 percent
4. Wichita State — 60.5 percent
5. Southern University — 60.5 percent

Finally, here's an overall look at how each state has done so far. Interestingly, the simple act of living in Nevada doesn't seem to give off an implied benefit like holding a diploma from UNLV. And what's in the water in the upper Midwest?

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