Facebook Fun: Aaron Craft was mentioned in 5x the updates of any other college basketball player

Kevin Kaduk
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Florida Gulf Coast may have created the most headlines and Mississippi's Marshall Henderson may have caused the most controversy in the tournament's opening rounds.

But the player that was on the tips of the most fingers this past weekend didn't play for a No. 15 seed, nor did he give the double bird to fans as he exited the arena. Aaron Craft instead earned his buzz the old-fashioned way — by leading the Ohio State Buckeyes over the Iowa State Cyclones in the tournament's best game so far.

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According to data pulled by our friends at Facebook, the junior guard was mentioned five times more than any other college basketball player in the site's status updates over the weekend. A lot of that, of course, was due to Craft scoring the Buckeyes' final seven points of the game, being involved in a controversial call and then nailing the game-winning three-pointer with 0.5 seconds. The buzzer beater shot Craft's mentions through the roof with an increase of 181,000 percent around the time the ball fell through the net in Dayton, Ohio.

But other factors likely helped Craft topple Henderson and the rest of the field: An early afternoon game that was the only one being played, a national reputation built over three years of play and filling that Bobby Hurley-Steve Wojciechowski role as the Eckstein-like scrappy point guard.

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You can find the rankings of the top eight players below, as well as a ranking of most mentioned teams. As you might've guessed, we're all just living in a FGCU world these days:

Players ranked by mentions during their games

1. Aaron Craft — Ohio State
2. Marshall Henderson — Ole Miss
3. Khalif Wyatt — Temple
4. Sherwood Brown — FGCU
5. Jeff Withey — Kansas
6. Brett Comer — FGCU
7. Ramon Galloway — La Salle
8. Victor Oladipo — Indiana

Top 10 teams moving onto Sweet 16
Based on mentions from games

2. Wichita State
3. Ohio State
4. Indiana
5. Marquette
6. Duke
7. Miami
8. Kansas
9. Michigan
10. La Salle

Ranking of Round of 32 Games
Based on mentions generated during the game (bold indicates upset)

1.FGCU vs. San Diego St.
2. Wichita State vs. Gonzaga
3. Indiana vs. Temple
4. Ohio State vs. Iowa State
5. Marquette vs. Butler
6. Miami vs. Illinois
7. Florida vs. Minnesota
8. Duke vs. Creighton
9. Michigan vs. VCU
10. Kansas vs. North Carolina
11. La Salle vs. Ole Miss
12. Arizona vs. Harvard
13. Louisville vs. Colorado State
14. Oregon vs. St. Louis
15. Michigan State vs. Memphis
16. Syracuse vs. California

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