Ex-Miami star DeQuan Jones lashes out at the NCAA over Manziel ruling

The lenient punishment Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel received Wednesday did not go unnoticed by other athletes who have found themselves in the NCAA's crosshairs.

Former University of Miami standout DeQuan Jones, who sat out the 2011-12 season's first 11 games because of an investigation into alleged recruiting violations, ripped the NCAA on Twitter for what he perceived as a double standard. Jones noted that the NCAA expedited its investigation into the Heisman Trophy winner so a verdict could be reached before the season, a courtesy investigators did not extend to Jones during his case.

It's easy to understand Jones' frustration because his case was handled so differently than Manziel's.

The investigation into Jones began after booster Nevin Shapiro told Yahoo Sports that Miami assistant coach Jake Morton had asked for $10,000 to pay Jones in return for a commitment. Jones was allowed to return to the court after the NCAA couldn’t find sufficient evidence against him, but the investigation dragged six weeks into the season before the decision was made.

(Thanks, Miami Herald)

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