Even professors at Kentucky are hoops-crazed

Since the schools I attended as a child weren't receptive to my idea of making the opening two days of the NCAA tournament class-free holidays, I often had to improvise to make sure I didn't miss any of the games I wanted to see.

In elementary school, I persuaded a teacher to put the games on mute on a classroom TV while we worked. In high school, I snuck a portable radio and a pair of headphones under a hooded sweatshirt to listen to a crucial first-round matchup. And in college, I dropped a class less than two weeks before exams to cover my first NCAA tournament game for the campus newspaper.

Stories like that are common among basketball fans across the nation, but there's only a few fan bases that would go to that extreme to avoid missing regular-season games. One of those, of course, is Kentucky, which is where the above photo comes from.

The photo is from an actual night class at Kentucky in which the professor put Tuesday's game between Florida and Kentucky on in the background while he lectured. A student sent the picture to Kentucky Sports Radio, which posted it under the fitting headline "Only at UK."

One of the funniest parts of the photo is how sparsely attended the class is. Not even a professor cool enough to show the game in his class was enough to convince most Kentucky students to miss their team's 78-58 victory over the eighth-ranked Gators.

(Thanks, Kentucky Sports Radio)

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