Even Kansas basketball fans mocked Billy Cundiff

As if Billy Cundiff hadn't already endured enough abuse in the previous 24 hours, Kansas students decided to poke fun at the beleaguered Baltimore Ravens kicker during Monday's 64-54 victory over struggling Texas A&M.

Each time the Aggies went to the free-throw line, a group of students held up giant white cardboard cutout letters that spelled out C-U-N-D-I-F-F. The sign was a reference to the potential game-tying field goal that Cundiff shanked in the final seconds of Sunday's AFC championship game, enabling the New England Patriots to escape with a three-point win.

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Disgruntled Ravens fans aside, the sign was a hit on Twitter.

"Hate Kansas but love the Cundiff sign behind the hoop," wrote one TV viewer.

"Rooting for A&M but I got to give Kansas some credit [f]or the Cundiff sign. That's hilarious," tweeted another.

The Cundiff sign may have elicited plenty of chuckles, but it had little impact on Texas A&M's free-throw shooting. The cold-shooting Aggies hit 7 of 11 foul shots, right about at their paltry season average of 62.5 percent.

Co-favorites in the league along with Kansas according to a preseason projection by the Big 12 coaches, Texas A&M is now 11-8 overall and 2-5 in league play, ahead of only winless Texas Tech. Yes, it has been a miserable month for the Aggies, but at least none of them have made any blunders egregious enough to be fodder for fans in another sport.

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