Even an inquisitive kid can't pry any answers out of Tom Izzo

Tom Izzo figured he'd be able to avoid questions about Cleveland while running a youth basketball camp at Michigan State on Monday morning, but the Spartans coach didn't count on one of his campers fancying himself a pre-teen Bob Costas.

As 17 credentialed local print and TV reporters stood sequestered on an impromptu media platform between the lower and upper deck, this bold young camper asked Izzo whether he plans to take the Cavs job during a brief question-and-answer session.

"That's a bad question," the coach said, before pointing up to the assembled media. "Those guys up there want to know that question."

Everyone in basketball wants to know the answer to that question, but the only man who can answer it still isn't ready. He didn't share any details about which way he's leaning on Monday morning, whether it was with the campers or the assembled media.

It's now the ninth day of Izzo watch as a public event and the fourth day since Izzo promised "it's not going to be forever" before he makes a decision.

Izzo has reportedly reached out to numerous NBA contacts in hopes of getting a better idea of Cleveland's chances to keep LeBron and how the Cavs might respond if he goes elsewhere. Meanwhile, Michigan State fans continue to do their best to remind him that he's loved in East Lansing, holding an on-campus rally for him Thursday night, placing 750 "We Love Izzo" yard signs throughout East Lansing and launching a website where supporters can post messages urging him to stay.

You can't blame Izzo for taking his time with a life-altering decision, but he should be aware fans are getting impatient. The youth basketball camp runs until Thursday and rest assured there's another young Jeremy Schaap in the crowd looking for answers.

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