Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson appear on Jimmy Kimmel's show

Outside of maybe this lucky 77-year-old SuperLotto jackpot winner, has anyone had a better week than Ohio State's Evan Turner?

First Turner announced he was making himself available for the NBA draft. Then rapper Drake introduced him on stage during a concert. Then he added the Wooden Award trophy to his already impressive collection of hardware. And in between, he found time to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Syracuse's Wesley Johnson.

Kimmel showcased his college basketball acumen, drawing a huge grin from the Ohio State star by introducing him as "Evan, The Villain, Turner." The Villain is the nickname that walk-on teammate and blogger extraordinaire Mark Titus has given Turner.

The segment ended with a joke from Kimmel that drew a laugh from both Turner and Johnson.

Said Kimmel, "I'm going to say a prayer for you guys that neither of you winds up on the Clippers."

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