Energy drink-chugging elderly women are the 24-hour marathon’s biggest stars

The face of Tuesday's 24-hour college basketball tip-off marathon wasn't a player, a coach or even a mascot.

It was two energy drink-pounding elderly women.

ESPN2 cameras caught a pair of grandmotherly Wichita State fans sharing a tall boy can of Rock Star energy drink midway through the Shockers' victory over Western Kentucky on Monday night. It made for a funny and fitting visual since the game tipped off at midnight in Wichita and didn't end until past 2 a.m.

But was it too perfect? Does the Rock Star sticker on one of the women's vests suggest that the scene was staged? Some have suggested so, while others have said the stickers were free handouts at the game. I reached out to Wichita State officials to see if they have any idea who the women are, but the email was not immediately returned.

Hopefully the moment was authentic and not staged. It's more enjoyable to imagine the two women marveling that they've become overnight social media stars rather than counting their Rock Star endorsement money.

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