Embattled recruit Tony Mitchell: 'I will definitely be at Mizzou'

If Tony Mitchell is at all concerned that a Dallas school district is investigating the legitimacy of his grades, the highly touted Missouri signee is doing a good job hiding it so far.

Mitchell laughed off a Dallas TV report that he will not be able to enroll at Missouri next season, denying the story to the Kansas City Star via a series of seemingly confident Facebook messages.

"LOL (laughing out loud)," Mitchell replied when asked whether the report meant he could not attend MU. "Naw. I will definitely be at Mizzou. Later on though."

Later on, Mitchell elaborated: "Later On in The summer."

He echoed those sentiments with updates to his public Facebook wall:

"Just Finding Out,," he posted on his public Facebook wall. "Haters These Days.

"LOL Thanks Everyone Who Believes In Me And Is Supportive.

"I will be At mizzou bottom Line They Just Tried To Come At Me In A Wrong Way Without All The Facts But That's How the Media Is."

Mitchell's optimism is somewhat of a surprise because Tuesday night's WFAA-TV report did not sound promising.

The station says the school's district investigation focuses on the legitimacy of make-up course work the 6-foot-8 forward did after transferring from Center of Life Academy in Miami to Pinkston High in Dallas for his senior year. Many of Mitchell's credits were not transferable because Center of Life's accreditation was not recognized by the Dallas district, but the Pinkston principal allowed him to take nine course make-up exams in a mere two days to get back on track.

Credits from a school with blatant spelling errors on its web site? Nine courses worth of makeup work in 48 hours? None of that sounds good at all, so let's wait and see if Mitchell knows something we don't.

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