Duke's Kyle Singler takes out the wrong ESPN broadcaster

When Duke's Kyle Singler dove over the media table after a loose ball and plowed into ESPN play-by-play man Dan Shulman during the first half of Sunday's ACC title game, we learned two important lessons.

One, Shulman's more resilient than expected. Two, never under any circumstances, should Dick Vitale broadcast a game alone.

Because Shulman's mic went dead as a result of the crash, Vitale had the airwaves to himself for at least a minute. He responded by laughing, signaling for a charging foul and screaming some variation of the phrase, "take a charge, baby" approximately 437 times in the next 30 seconds as his traumatized broadcast partner attempted to dislodge Singler's flailing limbs from his neck.

It was surely the most excitement Vitale has enjoyed at the ACC tournament this weekend. Well, aside from this awkward dance with Erin Andrews anyway.

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