Who is Duke's Kyle Singler supposed to be in this picture?

Since Kyle Singler doesn't have to worry about hiring an agent or working out with personal trainers in preparation for the NBA Draft, the Duke star apparently has plenty of free time these days.

On Sunday afternoon, Singler asked his twitter followers who he looked like in this semi-creepy photo of himself wearing a homemade mask. My guess is Singler was going for Zombie Coach K, but given Krzyzewski's previous inability to laugh at himself, I'm not sure the Duke coach will find this all that amusing.

Of course, Krzyzewski will probably like the mask far better than what Singler tweeted later Sunday evening. The Duke forward wrote that he had caught some deadly spiders, stored them in a vase and wanted to know what he needed to do to get them to spin webs.

Deadly spiders?!? If Singler's not joking, let's hope he has taken out an insurance policy on his NBA Draft stock for next season now that he's apparently taken up playing with black widows as a hobby.

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